hen we allow our selves to receive the full gift of Christ’s passionate love, our response becomes an intentional SURRENDER—a Marian surrender—to the Father’s plan.
This is only possible through the gift of the Holy Spirit of Love present in every situation and circumstance.

Surrender is the fullness of the original ASSENT, given now in intimate love, trust and knowledge of the Beloved. It is a complete self-emptying surrender that yields heart, mind, body and soul to everything that the passionate love of Christ asks of us, not counting the cost. With the passion of the Bridegroom, this surrender to the creative will of the Father seeks to bring to completion the full destiny of the Bride. Far from a show of weakness, this surrender fully embraces the vision of the Father with almost an extraordinary interior strength and vision. The Bridegroom looks at the Bride, and in truth, sees what the Father sees, and loves the way the Father loves. He spends himself to accomplish the will of the Father for and in her. With matching interior strength and selfless abandon, the Bride fully receives and surrenders to this outpouring of the Bridegroom. Her complete openness to him makes their bond in love tangible and fruitful.

Addressing the Father, we can say and really mean: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”. In the most difficult circumstances in life, one with Christ, we recognize what is being asked of us in love for the others he has given us. Sometimes, close to him, we see what we think is too much. With him, we are not afraid to ask: “Let this cup pass from me” (Matt: 26:39). And yet with confident surrender in a spirit of love, we can say and mean: “yet, not as I will, but as you will” (Matt 26:39). This means the surrender of our self, will, plan, life, legacy and fruitfulness, for the self, will, plan, life, legacy and fruitfulness he has prepared for our ultimate happiness and eternal destiny.

This surrender leads to a cosmic union!

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