he PASSION of Christ is a complete offering to the other, holding nothing back.
From the Cross, Christ shows the depth and breadth of his love for the Father by following his will to become one for all eternity with a Bride subject to evil and death. Generated by the Father, Christ passionately gives the sacrificial gift of himself in love.

This level of passionate love blows us away, in a self-giving that the world barely recognizes. Even more amazing is Christ’s daily personal offer to help each one of us participate in and live this same Love here and now.

As our intimacy with Jesus deepens, we recognize a new capacity within our hearts to love others with his sacrificial and divine passion—not just the others who love us back, but every other, even those who ridicule, despise, and yes, sometimes even condemn us to a violent death.

Holding nothing back, we can love those we encounter with his mercy and truth. This divine love can be offered within the simplest family. . . the most mundane suburban parish. . . the most hostile missionary land.

All are invited to share in the passion between the Bridegroom and the Bride that still takes place everyday throughout the world. Through Jesus, we can begin to love with the selfless passion of the Bridegroom, who lives for his Bride and desires and sacrifices to offer her everything the Father has in store for her. With the power of his Spirit given to each one of us, we can receive his love with the eagerness and receptivity of a Bride ready to make love fruitful in our world, fully open to the Father’s personal plan for our destiny.

In the end, this kind of passion lived here and now is the beginning of an intimate participation in Jesus’ complete love for his Father through the power of his Spirit of Love.

This is when we begin to live as “Sons in the Son,” ready to embrace the Trinitarian life, fully ready to do the Father’s will for each person and circumstance we encounter.

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