Life After Sunday for Small Groups

When people gather together to eat, enjoy each other's company and honestly discuss the most important things about life, something beautiful happens. . .

Life After Sunday can help provoke a new sense of wonder and friendship in small groups. "The Christian life has this joyfulness of spirit, a joyfulness of heart," says Pope Francis. "This is why when we desire to have a little party of our own which is not a great feast, it does not do. Jesus is the bridegroom...who gives his life for the Church. May the Lord give us, to all of us, the grace always to have this joy, as if we were attending a wedding" (Homily, Sept. 6, 2013).

This is joyful spirit of the New Evangelization.

Download one of our 26 individual discussion topics or one of our small group packages below. Gather a group of your friends and start exploring this compelling witness to a life with Jesus Christ in his Church. Not sure how to get started? Read our tips for How to Gather a Small Group.

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All Life After Sunday materials can be downloaded for your review. If you decide to use them in your small group, a suggested donation of $25 is most welcome!

The following Life After Sunday small group packages can help stimulate faith-filled discussion with your friends: 

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