fter our ASSENT is given and pursued, we are led into a deeper relationship of TRUST.
Now we can trust that the wonder and beauty of life is not a mirage. . . not a cruel joke. . . not an empty grand tease. Through openness, attention and assent, Christ increasingly shows us that everyday events are signs of a Father who can be trusted with everything in our lives.

When this occurs, we can joyfully live this TRUST with others in the life of the Church. We can do this because we trust the memory and witness of this relationship chronicled by those who have gone before us.

The intimate life of the Church is the great encounter of love between the Lord and his Bride. Both the Bride and Bridegroom can be trusted. Without a filial trust in their inseparable divine union, our growing intimacy stops right here. Yet so much more is possible.

Do you trust him? Are you ready to “do whatever he tells you” through his Church?