true experience of WONDER will crack us OPEN.
Opening ourselves up to this new experience of the Mystery of God allows his infinite Presence to be revealed to us without preconception.

Don't underestimate how difficult this can be in our modern age so often characterized by group-think!

Sadly, many of us “box up” God in the same way we box up each other. We make up our minds about God, become closed off to reality, and therefore, any additional evidence or experience of his movement and presence in our lives. Consequently, we may not always be open to his ongoing Mystery of revelation to us personally.

This is why an experience of WONDER—something that can crack OPEN a calcified human heart—is essential to move the relationship along into deeper intimacy.

"First you are struck, and then comes the recognition that you have been struck. It is from this that the idea of life as gift originates..." (Luigi Giussani).

When this happens, our hearts are suddenly free and opened, exposed to new possibilities, so that God's living presence can reveal something unexpected and wonderful about his Love.

Are you open?

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