Life After Sunday for Stewardship Groups

Ready to Deepen Your "Stewardship as a Way of Life"?

Have you recognized the challenging needs of your parish community?
Are you willing to try to lead, but feel unprepared for the responsibility?
Consider yourself called to be a steward in your parish!

Life After Sunday for Stewardship explores the basic issues of responding to Christ's call to steward his love in your parish community: Gift, Fulfillment, Security, Power, Destiny, Future. By helping to "unpack" these stewardship issues, Life After Sunday for Stewardship can inspire parish leaders to enthusiastically embrace the call to live Christ's stewardship as a way of life every day of the week. This package is an especially helpful tool for preparing budding parish leaders for the joys of real stewardship. Are you ready to embark upon a journey of stewardship as a way of life? Not sure how to get started? Read our tips for How to Gather a Small Group.


The Life After Sunday for Stewardship package includes:

  • 6 Life After Sunday single issues (Gift, Fulfillment, Security, Power, Destiny, Future).
  • Notes that bring each theme "alive" for Stewards.
  • Thought provoking discussion questions.
  • Scripture and Catechism Resources.
  • Leader's Materials that contain tips for organizing group discussion and show how participants can choose a pace of 6, 12, or 18 weeks.

›› Download Life After Sunday for Stewardship
   (2.2MB zip file containing 6 single issues, plus notes, resources and additional materials, each in PDF format)

You may also download the single issues individually (each in PDF format):

›› Gift (449kb)
›› Fulfillment (407kb)
›› Security (272kb)
›› Power (342kb)
›› Destiny (258kb)
›› Future (275kb)