ancing—following Christ’s lead—moves our lives according to his rhythm, instead of our own.
The first glimpses of the Presence that we saw in Attention now become more evident and personal.

During his earthly life, Christ often used touch to heal with his Father’s transforming love. In the same way now, he touches parts of us that only he can reach, heal and strengthen, through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus reveals himself in deeper, more significant ways as the relationship grows in intimacy. As we experience his healing TOUCH, we begin to recognize the same need in others. We begin to recognize his suffering Face in the wounded people who surround us.

Now, with the power of his grace, we can become his instruments of healing, consolation and sustenance, according to the Father’s will. We are not afraid to allow him to touch any aspect of human life—through us.

These experiences of care and healing draw us closer to family members, friends and strangers, deepening relationships and intimacy often at an unexpected, yet most propitious moment, just when a healing touch is needed.

When this happens, we experience a growing peace and great consolation in every situation and circumstance… knowing that something beautiful beyond what we could do on our own has happened because we chose to touch Jesus.

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