hen we trust the Presence of God—really trust him with everything in our lives—he begins to trust and love each of us more and more personally.
This mutual swirl of trust begins an astonishing dance of life and love with the real flesh and blood people in our lives.

As we take care of their needs, experience their joys, apply what we have learned through Revelation to their lives, suddenly we begin to recognize in them the Body we are dancing with! Jesus Christ. The Risen One. The Center of history. The Key to the universe. The “One through whom all things are made.”

Slowly, gently, all of life becomes filled with joy simply because we are attached to him. But this is not a case of a good attitude or an abundance of religious feeling! Events occur. Encounters take place. This dance with Christ is the dance of our day to day reality, an experience that can be verified with certainty.

How will he approach? In a way that is often a stunning surprise... and a soul-shaking challenge.

In the Gospel of Matthew, the rich young man’s encounter with Christ was an invitation to dance—to engage and be moved by his presence and mystery. Yet, the young man could not detach himself enough from his “many possessions” (wealth, power, career, personal plans) to enter into this deeper experience of friendship with Jesus (Matt 19:22). Perhaps the young man would not dance because he was afraid that his heart would not be completely fulfilled. Perhaps it was too much for him to believe that such a mysterious offer of companionship could fully realize his personal destiny.

Is your heart ready to follow Christ's lead in the great dance of life and love?

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