Drawing Closer to Jesus Christ

Is it possible to draw close to the Man who died 2,000 years ago? This is the ultimate challenge for the Christian claim, isn’t it? The Catholic Church proclaims that Jesus Christ not only died and rose from the dead, but can be encountered today by YOU, in your own situation and circumstances. “Jesus is not a character from the past,” proclaims Pope Benedict XVI. “He lives, and he walks before us as one who is alive, he calls us to follow him, the living one, and in this way to discover for ourselves too the path of life” (Easter Vigil Mass 2006).

Where can the Risen Jesus be encountered today? In the Eucharist… in the preached Word…in the person of the priest who lives “in persona Christi”… and in the lives of the men and women who allow him to live most fully in them.

When we encounter Christ’s living Presence in this way through the life of the Church, he offers the fullness of his redemption.

Jesus Christ is offering to redeem your relationships… your fragilities… your problems and sorrows. He is offering to bring his divine life and love into every aspect of your humanity and restore you completely to yourself… fulfilling your destiny.

This experience is available to every man and woman here and now. It is the experience of the great lovers in human history — the saints. Want to know more?

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