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— Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete,
co-founder of Lumen Catechetical Consultants

Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Inc.
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Silver Spring, MD 20915
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John Marino Capobianco
President, Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Inc.


John M. Capobianco has had over 35 years of catechetical consulting experience in broadcast and written communications. He has his Master’s degree in religious education from St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome, Italy.

John has produced videos, brochures, retreats, print and broadcast advertisements, communications plans and strategies for clients. Currently through Lumen, John serves as the director and producer of the weekly "Sunday Mass For Shut-ins" from the Crypt Church at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception that is broadcast in the Archdioceses of Washington, D.C.; St. Louis, MO; Indianapolis, IN; and in the Diocese of Arlington, VA. John also produces the live broadcasts of major liturgical events throughout the year at the National Shrine for EWTN. In addition, he has written and produced videos for the Knights of Columbus, USCCB, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Indian Missions Office and the John Paul II Cultural Center.

In parish life, he has served as Chair of the Pastor's Advisory Council, Stewardship Committee and led retreats for high school students and young adults.

Mary Beth Newkumet
Vice President, Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Inc.


Mary Beth Connor Newkumet helps implement all the written communications and strategies for Lumen clients. She has over 35 years of writing, public relations and media experience.

Mary Beth is editor of the Lumen project, Life After Sunday, a scriptwriter for Lumen broadcast productions, and has contributed to the worship aid, Magnificat, Columbia Magazine, Catholic newspapers, and web publications. Mary Beth was formerly on the Board of Directors of the International Catholic Stewardship Council, Inc., and a faculty member of ICSC’s Stewardship Institute. Currently, she is honored to serve on the board of The Albacete Forum.

In parish life, she has helped lead small groups and retreats for over 25 years.

Rev. Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete +
Theological Advisor, Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Inc.

In 1982, Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete and John M. Capobianco founded Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Inc., with the goal to bring the personalism expressed by Pope John Paul II to catechetical and communications projects for clients both inside and outside the Roman Catholic Church. The purpose of this unique approach was to help people live a fully human culture revealed through an intimate relationship with the presence of Jesus Christ.

One of the projects that Msgr. Albacete created with Lumen was a series on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, filmed in 1996. "Retrieve" is now an online resource for seekers, teachers and catechists.

Msgr. Albacete was the U.S. ecclesiastical advisor for Communion and Liberation, a movement of the Church founded by Italian theologian and now Servant of God, Msgr. Luigi Giussani. Msgr. Albacete authored a short column for each issue of Life After Sunday, and continued to provide theological counsel on the Life After Sunday and Intimate Path projects until his death in October 2014. To learn more about Msgr., visit The Albacete Forum.