Life After Sunday for Small Groups

Below is a selection of comments we have received about people's experiences using Life After Sunday in their small groups. Thanks to all who have submitted comments....

Life After Sunday has given me an opportunity to look at life and religion as a whole and complete experience, and to accept and love the mysterious things of life. When we gather for food, drink, and discussion, we find that Life After Sunday contains anecdotes that point to the fullness of life, and that we, in turn have a more deep awareness of the same occurrences in our lives. These conversations that we have, centered on topics like beauty, body, and destiny, help us to live and love more deeply. Too often, religion is seen as a reduction of full life or a set of rules to restrict our freedom. Indeed, our group experience has been the opposite. Life After Sunday helps point to an authentic experience of the person of Christ lived out through the Church and through the others he brings into our lives. It has been an experience that gives us security and strength, and that fulfills and overflows our desires for lasting friendship, true love, and truth in a world that reduces them.

Patrick, Life After Sunday for New Catholics

My Life After Sunday group meets on Wednesday mornings, and invariably I am one of the last to arrive. After the frenzy of feeding kids, dressing kids, and getting them where they need to be, it is a sheer joy to take an hour to do something that is simply for me.

When I enter the home where our sessions take place, conversation is usually on a topic of current interest — a movie that is out, a book, politics... I am sometimes struck by how different I am in my views from many of the women in my group. Then we all settle down, we read our article for the day, and it seems that the differences disappear. Liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, parent of teens, parent of toddlers — none of that seems to matter. We are all simply moms, trying to make sense of our lives and strengthen our faith.

The articles and questions we use with Life After Sunday have been a wonderful resource for us. They are thought-provoking, humorous, insightful, inspiring. I think what I really appreciate is that most are written by people like me. The conversations they have sparked have added a depth to my faith that I didn't know as missing.

Denise, Life After Sunday for Mothers' Groups

Starting a young adult group has been a blessing. In a world that often wants to tear you away from your beliefs and ideals, it's truly comforting to have a group of friends that you can rely on. When you know there are other people out there with the same concerns and the same desires to grow in their faith, it makes the day-to-day steps in your life a lot less daunting.

Greg, Life After Sunday for New Catholics

I am sure it is not possible to put on paper how my heart has been touched, but it is certainly beyond anything I had imagined.

When we first started the study of seeing "beauty at the heart of everything," I was in the midst of various crises in my life, none of which looked at all "beautiful." I struggled with the question, "where is the beauty in this?" over and over until I came to the realization that in order to see the beauty, I had to look at the little things — not the big picture. The big picture created the 'fog' which blocked out many small, but nonetheless beautiful moments — actual blessing which God granted in the midst of my struggles.

That initial study seemed to lift the fog, and I became open to many other things.

Thanks for providing this great Catholic resource for us. It has truly been (and continues to be) a blessing!

Barb, Life After Sunday for Mothers' Groups

[Life After Sunday] lends itself, through the articles and questions, to great small group discussion for moms. For myself, a discussion that integrates my faith and my daily life is such good food for the soul! I learn so much from others when we share experiences.

The articles come from men, women, teenagers and religious. That gives a lot of perspective.

Mary, Life After Sunday for Mothers' Groups

This is a very Catholic approach (the entire study). When we began this study, I didn't think it would be so reflective, for I had done other women's studies about the beauty of the woman, mother and servant, but this one applies to both male and female. The study allows us to look deep within ourselves…

I particularly enjoyed all the references and quotations from the Saints. I am eager to read more about the saints.

Thank you. Christ's beauty be with you. God bless.

Barbara, Life After Sunday for Mothers' Groups